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Tips for Creating Effective Promotional Materials

Creating effective promotional pieces takes creativity, practice and a little know-how. Put your marketing materials to work for you by following a few simple rules:

  1. Create an "idea library.

      When you see promotional materials that catch your eye, save them for reference.

      Figure out why you prefer some pieces to others and repeat these positive characteristics in your materials.

  2. Use design elements consistently.

      Your readers should be able to identify where the piece is from, even if your company name is not on it.

      Stick to a few consistent design elements—logo, typefaces, graphics and colors—on all your materials.

  3. Focus on the reader.

      Put yourself in their position and ask "Why should I care?

      Give readers practical information they can use.

  4. Use white space effectively.

      White space is the empty space in your promotional piece. It is your friend.

      Too much information — jammed into every available space — will confuse and overwhelm your readers.

  5. With Design… less is often more.

      If your materials are too busy, your readers will struggle to find your message.

      A simple, clean, organized layout makes your materials look professional and have more impact.

  6. Give people a reason to respond.

      Coupons, special offers, promotional pricing… experiment with different offers to see what your target market responds to.